The Straightup Bluesband Biography

The Gang,

(Left to Right) Dave Schafely, Drew Baraban, Don Simon, Michael Gardner, And Larry Johnson

Hello everyone! We are the Straightup Bluesband! First of all thank you for visiting our page and supporting local Music. We are a party band based in Clearwater, Florida. Do not let our name deceive you. We have a strong root in blues and play some blues, but first and foremost we play music so we can have fun and we can entertain YOU, and to make YOU feel good.  We just want to vibe with crowd and help everyone, including us, to forget all of our problems for a bit. 

We have a rich and colorful history. We have been playing music in the Tampa Bay area for more than 20 years. The Original founding member of this band was Ralph Straight. He has since passed and is missed every time we perform. We are just average Joes. We have always loved having a good time and making music with one another. That is what sets us apart. We are not great musicians individually, and are not looking to make a million dollars doing this. But, collectively we transform into this entertainment machine that can entertain and make anybody smile and have fun. We are at home in smokey bars, or on huge festival stage. It's just fun. If we are not having fun on stage than we are doing something wrong. Check out our extensive song catalog on our Song List Page.

We want to play as much as we can and are always looking to play new places. We are all family men and believe that family does come first. We want to challenge anyone who is reading this by daring you to come out to a show! We guarantee that you will be hooked after the first show. Press the contact button below to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you guys!!